5 reasons why you should eat oats

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Chinese Medicine and Oats 

1. It reduces cholesterol

Eating a bowling of oats daily has been proved to reduce cholesterol level. That is definitely more desirable than going on statins. Of course, this should still be coupled with dietary changes to enhance the efficacy. Eating oats as and when isn’t very beneficial either as the cumulative effect will not occur.

2. It is nutritious

Oats contain carbohydrates, B1,2,3, and B9, trace minerals of calcium iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and zinc. It is the only cereal which contains globulin or legume-like protein. In short, it keeps you well fuelled.

3. It is satisfying

Oats has soluble fibres which slows digestion, thus keeping you sated. A good way to lose weight in a healthy manner.

4. It is easy to cook.

Cook it in hot water or milk, add fruit, or honey. Done.

5. It is therapeutic

Cholesterol and diabetic conditions can be characterised as damp in Chinese Medicine. It is like having too much soggy stuff in the blood. Typically, this is not so easy to get rid of. In addition to possibly having herbal and acupuncture treatment, eating oats on a daily basis adds a synergistic momentum to your treatment.

I have used it to treat ‘damp conditions’ including getting rid of trigger fingers without surgery.

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, oats strengthen the digestive system.

In this case, my recommendation is to cook the oats in just water, no milk. If you require sweetness, you may add either fruit or honey but no sugar. Best to have it at breakfast time.

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