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Some time in the 1980s it became trendy to be busy. It was a mark of success in whatever we were pursuing. It was a way of saying work time was precious, too precious even to say ‘hello’ ‘hi’, to keep in contact with family and friends. Alongside that development, a hierarchy of diseases evolved. It was ‘good’ to have heart diseases and hypertension as these were common among successful people, CEOs for instance, ergo these illnesses signify success in a dog-eat-dog world. Not so great were diabetes and obesity, and the big C was still referred to as such and in whispers. There is no denying that as the world appears to shrink, we seem to have much more on our plates. We are constantly urged to reach for the stars and ignore the mud beneath our feet. Only stars matter. And the next trend.

Perhaps it is time to say stars are beyond our reach. Perhaps we need to allow ourselves to wallow in the comforting mud. Take time out, relax, unwind, just BE, enjoy the only star we encounter daily, the sun, and the other planet we can view with our naked eyes, the moon. Just take in the beauty around us, and accept the reality of some ugliness too. Of course, there are pressures from work, home life, social life. However, be cautious that one does not end up like a dog chasing its tail rather than a dog lying on its house. Make time away from the whirling world. Busy-ness is not always good when it is constant, relentless, when one finds oneself tired in mind and body at the end of each workday. Busy-ness desensitizes one to the goings-on within one’s body, mind, and emotions. By the time something in our body alerts us to a discomfort, the pathological process would have been in motion for quite a while, maybe years. When it happens, it can take months to redress the matter, if it can be remedied.

Here are some simple ways to lie on top of a doghouse:

  • Enjoy a book – not, however, those that will stimulate the mind before bed.
  • Soak your feet in warm/hot water at night.
  • Do simple stretching poses to unwind.
  • Meditate! Learn proper meditation techniques, not just simplistic mindfulness and watching one’s breath.
  • Start a hobby, something completely different to work.
  • Go for walks! Especially after a meal to promote digestion.
  • Remind yourself what your values are and what is important in your life. Prioritize them.
  • Learn to challenge your thoughts, the ones that drive you on and on. What are your habitual ways of thinking? Can you trace your anxiety/fear to the underlying patterns? Seek help. There is no shame in saying one needs assistance. It is not a sign of failure. On the contrary, it reflects the ability to recognize one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Do a Snoopy today!


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