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In Modern Urban Life

How to increase brain power In modern urban life, there is much stress on brain over brawn. We sometimes forget that our brain uses up a tremendous amount of our energy. It is estimated that on [...]

Alluring busy-ness

De-stress with acupuncture and Chinese medicine Some time in the 1980s it became trendy to be busy. It was a mark of success in whatever we were pursuing. It was a way of saying work time was [...]

Mind your back

Using liniments to strengthen and repair. Many people suffer from some kind of backache. Not a few resort to painkillers to alleviate the pain; ‘alleviate’ being the key word as they do not [...]


Drinking tea for health. Tea has been used for therapeutic purposes in China for hundreds of years. Different types of tea have different properties according to the Chinese. The two overarching [...]

Colic pain

Babies sometimes appear to cry for no apparent reason, especially after feeding. The cries tend to occur suddenly, are prolonged, possibly for hours, the hands may clench and the feet turn cold, [...]

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