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Enhancing life with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine

Spring is just round the corner. In temperate countries, it is a wonderful sight to see the whole of nature springing into life. This is especially beautiful after the prolonged darkness and dullness of winter, after the apparent bareness of the trees, the barreness of the soil, and the isolation from people staying home to keep warm and comfortable.

Well, Chinese medicine is not only about treating dis-ease with acupuncture and herbs. In the medical classics, we are urged to refrain from taking life during Spring. It is about cultivating an attitude of encouraging and contributing to the growth and well-being of the world around us, of the very community we live in. That, of course, includes looking after ourselves. Spring is a time to nourish life.

Spring is also a great time to have respiratory and musculoskeletal issues treated. It is a perfect season to enhance fertility too.

In this sense, having acupuncture and Chinese herbs too are about nourishing and maintaining our health. Being pro-active means taking measures to prevent the avoidable illnesses.

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