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Using liniments to strengthen and repair.

Many people suffer from some kind of backache. Not a few resort to painkillers to alleviate the pain; ‘alleviate’ being the key word as they do not resolve the issue on a long-term basis.

Back pain can be due to a variety of causes. Injuries often result from bad posture and poor manual handling techniques.

Daily postures, namely, the way one stands, sits, walks, and moves about impact on all joints of the body and the spine is one long series of joints. In Chinese medicine, we say that in addressing a problem in the upper body, one must look at the feet. Look at the way you stand. Are your feet splayed at 45 degrees or more from the front, or are your toes turned inwards, facing one another? Either position will twist first, your ankles out of alignment and the impact will reverberate upwards, forcing your knees, pelvis, and eventually your spine, shoulders and neck to compensate awkwardly.

Your pelvis (hip) is also an area that needs attention. The pelvic crest should not be tilted anteriorly (forwards). This is what happens when one ‘sticks the stomach’ out to the front, or when 2-3 inch heeled shoes are worn. You may look sexier with the butt sticking out but you are doing your back in. Your lower back muscles are both weakened and strained. The way to correct it is to tuck in your tailbone (coccyx) to the front but be careful not to overdo it either. It may feel unnatural initially but that is because you have habituated to the bad posture.

It is not just a question of a bad back. Poor posture restricts one’s breathing, leading to shallow breathing. The latter results in lower oxygen intake, forcing quicker breaths and a faster heart rate. In other words, the body is under a low level of but constant stress.

medicineAcupuncture and its ancillary tools are great in treating backaches. My liniments can both aid in healing strains and sprains, and strengthen joints and muscles. You can follow up with the advice I give and corrections I teach.

Medicine of any description is often resorted to when something untoward has occurred. That is to say, we use medicine to treat, heal, cure but rarely do we see it in a preventative light. Do not wait till something is broken to repair it.

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